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First time mum/referee to a wild toddler. Self confessed rum enthusiast. Aspiring writer but hell of a procrastinator. Blogging about Mental Health and this motherhood malarkey from a refreshingly honest perspective.

Should Mental Illness Be Considered Grounds For Euthanasia?

Should we consider allowing people suffering with severe Mental Health issues to be granted assistance in dying? Is it crossing a line? What real difference is there between physical and mental health that warrants a persons choice to chose their fate?

How To Survive Social Media If You Struggle With Low Self Esteem

Social Media is the brain, the 'thing' of today's society. It's a handy way to connect with new people, greatly beneficial for online business' and website owners. It's also a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the world!
However, so much of it has become so toxic and harmful to lots of people, of all ages, but particularly young woman. It seems to govern our thoughts, rule our lives, makes us question our own worthiness.

It's an unrealistic yet idolized platform. We couldn't even envisage leaving home without our phones clutched tightly in our hand. We don't eat a meal out anymore without snapping a shot of every course and tagging our location onto Facebook. We won't even travel to the corner shop without updating the world of our whereabouts and minute to minute schedule. 

5 Tips for Co-Parents

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A separation is never easy. It can be messy and overwhelming and stressful. I've written up my Top 5 bits of advice to aid you through this sticky transition:

20 Things New Mums Need to Know

Becoming a mum for the first, second or even third time around is an experience like no other. It's magical, life changing and filled with love and dirty nappies (like, a lot). 
But, it's hard, exhausting and lonely. So, I asked myself, what advice would I want to give, what do I think an expecting or new Mum needs to know?

like father, like daughter?


I've felt conflicted by everything I've been feeling as a mother. Confused by what I'm feeling and when to consider what is 'normal', agreed mutual feelings experienced by other parents and when to feel concerned over the extent of said feelings.

Escaping the Void

I can't get myself out of this damn pit. I wish I could explain. I feel this perpetual emptiness. Is this what nothingness feels like?
I don't feel overcome or overwhelmed. I'm not gasping for air or feeling choked by angry fists. But I feel smothered. I feel like I can't quite catch my breath. I'm dead but I'm breathing. I'm empty but I'm heavy.
Is this what lifelessness feels like?

My fear of PND by Erin McIver

There’s a fine line between “Baby Blue’s” and Post Natal Depression and sadly, after my first pregnancy, I didn’t realise I crossed that line. I don’t know when it happened or what exactly tipped me over the edge. Believe me it was the scariest, most psychotic time in my life but thankfully I know what the contributing factors were so hopefully I will never be faced with it again…or will I?
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