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5 Reasons to Let Go

Letting go. Does that sound simple? Or is it feeling almost impossible? Did the love of your life crush your heart? Are you consumed with bitterness, clinging to anger for a past time that cannot be changed? Are you struggling to accept what is? Do you spend every night re living the past? Is it replaying in your head to the point of madness? Are you riddled with regret? 

No amount of overthinking, yearning or wishing can change the past. Harbouring resentment will not change the actions of another. 

Pain, betrayal, disappointment, loss, making mistakes... as anguishing as they can be, they are, ultimately, unavoidable. They are a part of life.


Do you ever stop staring at your kids in just dumbfounded awe that they are yours? That they are alive and perfect and magical? 

I realised how bloody blessed I've found myself to be. How grateful I am to have my overly sensitive, affectionate and bonkers little boy. 

We spend so much of time just wishing it away and then yearn for it when it's gone. 
So much has happened in my world recently. I have spent a lot of my time silently reflecting on life, and its funny little ways and I've just realised how important it is to cherish every little gift. To embrace the good, the bad and the ugly. To grow from the heartbreaks and the trials. To be grateful for what I've got. 

A Working Mum

Going back to work after having a child is different for every mother. Some are dreading the thought, others begging for the break, the normality.  

Some worried of the judgement encountered at silently missing the work load, the long hours. Feeling comforted for a life outside of whiffing nappies. Some overcome with guilt that they can't be at home, drinking up those fleeting moments.  

Some mums can afford to not return to work, but desire too. Others wish to take up full-time parenting, but would struggle to make ends meet. Or some do 50/50 to enjoy a more balanced load. 

It's good to be selfish sometimes. It's important to think of yourself, as well as your child(ren). There should be no criticism. No scolding. Whatever the choice may be. 

Little Life Lost, a letter...

The only thing I felt roll in my stomach was the steady persistence of nausea. I had yet to feel the faint little flutters of your feet press against my expanding stomach. The tranquil ecstasy of your drumming heartbeat never echoed around the doctors office.

I never heard your first cries erupt around the surgically clean hospital room while I lay in a euphoria of adoration and contentment. I never got to kiss your little forehead. To stare at you in a cloud of awe that you were mine, to hold you in my arms. I never got to whisper that I love you. I never got the chance to buy you outfits, to paint your room, to browse through baby books in search of the perfect name. I didn't get to whisk you home, to murmur you lullabies late at night or cradle you to sleep.

Guest Post - The Busy Gamer

It’s 2018, the dawn of the technological era, the prime of the informational superhighway with the internet, and here I am, sitting with my son, spending an hour on how to teach someone who doesn’t understand how to round - to well, round. I go through in my head how I handle it, and set to explain it to him. He doesn’t get it. I get frustrated, he gets frustrated, we get angry. It’s bedtime. This is just a snapshot - a minuscule inkling of a much larger, busy, crazy filled day.  

Just a Mum..

Having a baby is one of the most astounding, life changing experiences I have ever went through. Arthur being placed in my arms for the first time was breathtaking and a moment I wish I could relive a thousand times over. Becoming a mum is the most rewarding, most fulfilling thing I ever done and I would, without a doubt, do it all again.

It Gets Better (Really, it does..)

Hey you! Yeah you.. New mum, young mum, older mum, or third time around mum, how are you feeling? Are you in that thick fog of euphoria, disarray and pure exhaustion? Are you feeling tearful and a little overwhelmed? Is the thought of another day alone with the baby one you dread and are you consumed with guilt for that very thought? Is the reflux merciless? Do you feel like it's never getting any easier?

Well, I wanted to let you know, that it's okay. You're doing just fine, and it does get better.
Because, although you won't believe me, you need to hear it.
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