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First time mum/referee/ sleeve snot wiper to a wild toddler. Designated household bum changer. Blogging about this motherhood malarkey from a refreshingly honest and unfiltered perspective.

Tantrums, Tiredness and Toddlers: An extract

I'm just entering the toddler years and by god, it's a whole new game of challenges. I mean you just can't get it right with a toddler, can you? You can stir up their most favoured dinner in the history of dinners one night and the following, all hell has broken loose because why on earth would you make them their absolute favourite food they normally would demolish when they’ve decided in that split moment they now detest it? 
It doesn’t matter what the situation is, what has triggered tantrum six or your futile attempts to calm the storm, you seem destined to fail at any and all attempts. 

Some days, I’ve successfully, and rather proudly, battled my way through any looming tantrums, on top form as an assertive, in control mum who really lays down the law and keeps her child in check. Other days, I’ve looked at my shrieking, stomping toddler and silently thought to myself, “He has me sussed. There’s no winning this! Where is the emergency snacks ASAP?!” 

Young, Dumb, First-Time Mum: My Novella out now!

So, I've been absent on the blog and this is why - I wrote a book! I've been documenting my parenting journey over the last two years on the blog and finally decided to compile it together into a short novella. I took the leap and published it with Amazon.

Letter to a King

Dear Arthur,  

Let me just start off by saying you are my sunshine. Really, you are. No cloud could ever dampen my day when I have someone like you to brighten the grey. 
I suspect you’ll stumble across this blog at some point or another and I hope you don't think of me differently. I hope that my complaints, my self doubts, and whining doesn't upset you.
I hope you can understand for the most part why I’ve written some of the things I have, why I chose to share them and why my reasoning for some of the emotions I’ve experienced. I hope you still love me as much despite some of my choices or failures.  

Being a parent is tough, so bloody tough and I really, admittedly, struggled at times. No one prepares you, you're painted a pretty picture of the baby smell perfume, cuddles and minuscule outfits. Nobody mentions the disdain or the loneliness. No one hints at just how overwhelming and tiresome it really all is. How much guilt and self doubt and criticism eats away at you because no matter what you do, your best still feels inadequate. 

I'm a Mum, Get Me Out Of Hereee!

Staying at home with my newborn in the beginning appeared the seemingly safer, less stressful option. I was too overcome with anxiety to even assess that I was, perhaps, overreacting. That not everything in the outside world was a danger to my precious baby. The fresh air would actually benefit and not contaminate him. Other peoples company would be good for me, not make us all incurably sick. It was perfectly okay if he cried in public because, you know, babies do that (like, a lot!) I didn't have to stay confined to four walls to save a stranger earache. 

Having a toddler, the best option is to always get out when possible. Although I had overcome my 'paranoia', going outside seemed like more hassle than it would be worth.
Staying home promised no witnesses to the meltdowns, screaming, my poor inability to thoroughly discipline instead of using bribing tactics as an easy, quick fix solution and not having to pack two weeks worth of items for a two hour outing.
I could settle Arthur with wotsits when all pitiful attempts to take control of the situation failed and resort to the win of begging he please be quiet for a snack without the peering glare of tutting shoppers. I could also, escape to the solitude of the bathroom for a scroll through Facebook and a seat, knowing Hey Duggee would be there to aid my plead for five minutes of alone time.

Should Mental Illness Be Considered Grounds For Euthanasia?

Should we consider allowing people suffering with severe Mental Health issues to be granted assistance in dying? Is it crossing a line? What real difference is there between physical and mental health that warrants a persons choice to chose their fate?

How To Survive Social Media If You Struggle With Low Self Esteem

Social Media is the brain, the 'thing' of today's society. It's a handy way to connect with new people, greatly beneficial for online business' and website owners. It's also a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the world!
However, so much of it has become so toxic and harmful to lots of people, of all ages, but particularly young woman. It seems to govern our thoughts, rule our lives, makes us question our own worthiness.

It's an unrealistic yet idolized platform. We couldn't even envisage leaving home without our phones clutched tightly in our hand. We don't eat a meal out anymore without snapping a shot of every course and tagging our location onto Facebook. We won't even travel to the corner shop without updating the world of our whereabouts and minute to minute schedule. 

5 Tips for Co-Parents

(Image taken from

A separation is never easy. It can be messy and overwhelming and stressful. I've written up my Top 5 bits of advice to aid you through this sticky transition:
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