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The Colic Curse

My understanding of the term Colic: Unsettled baby who sometimes cries due to the pain of trapped wind. My Colic Reality: My baby hasn't stopped f**king crying for the last three hours despite all attempts to calm him, I don't know what to do and I'm bloody exhausted. 

We, unfortunately, were unlucky that Arthur suffered with colic. His colic symptoms were basically, crying for hours on end even after all his needs were met, pulling his legs up, lots of wind, arching his back and clenching his fists in pain, being sick after each feed, and being generally inconsolable. I think colic is a term thrown at any baby who has a bout of unknown crying. Colic is the toughest, most exhausting thing to have to deal with. 

Picture this - your baby has been, fed, burped, changed, had playtime and an endless cuddle supply. Yet out of nowhere, he is screaming in pain; a high pitched, heart hurting shriek that turns his entire tiny face scarlet. You've had 4 hours of broken sleep, reek of baby vomit, haven't ate since dinner the previous evening and you can't remember what it means to enjoy a relaxing 10-minute shower to wash away the stresses of the day. 
You keep staring at the clock knowing that sometime after 7 pm, your baby will finally settle and drift off into a peaceful, painless slumber. Meanwhile, you will sit on your couch, utterly terrified to do so much as turn the light on in the fear you wake your finally sleeping child. 

Some days, are great. Your baby is content, no tears were shed except when he heard the unfamiliar sound of the hoover in the other room (what is housework when you have a newborn, right?). He smiled all day, took his bottles and fell easily asleep. This phase must finally be passing. 
Baby was just teasing. You will, in fact, endure another 3 months of the dreaded colic. You've been to the doctors, spoke to health visitors, and midwives and they all sympathetically say the same thing: 'It's not your fault. It will pass. Just give him lots of cuddles.' 
How helpful, how life affirming. What would I do without that unthought of piece of advice? 
So, what do we do now? 
We take to Google of course!! 
Google has the answers for any problem. 
I looked through every website I could possibly find; NHS, Net Mums, baby centre, 'help-I',' but they all repeated the same, useless information - burp your baby after feeds, massage your baby's tummy, go out walks, comfort you baby, infacol, bicycle legs, warm baths... The same inane things we had tried time and again but didn't even slightly ease his pain, or our loss of sanity. 

After pestering doctor visits, we ruled out that he either suffers with colic or reflux or both (isn't the NHS so helpful?) We tried Gaviscon to see if it helped his reflux but found it just made him constipated; switching to comfort milk but all that results in is extremely smelly poos (woo hoo!), infacol which helped a little in the beginning but not so much now; long walks in the pram to tire him out which were a godsend when you were out, as soon we got home and had to bump him up the stairs he would wake up and we were back at square one!        
Despite all this, I can say, it DOES get better. Although it feels it may never end. The 'bouts' as I call them, become less frequent, you learn to recognize what each cry is or what to do to ease them when the crying starts aka 4 pm till 7 pm (for us, a lavender bubble bath - King Art indeed - and swaddling.) 
He still struggles a lot with his reflux, and some days you just can't wait till it's bedtime. However, we are getting there... and I haven't completely lost my sanity. 

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