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Being a Mum: The Best and Worst Bits

The Worst Bits.

Or should I say lack of. Sleep deprivation is an evident negative with the arrival of a newborn. However, I really did not anticipate just how bloody exhausting those first few months would be. Nor did I realize how much I actually depended on a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted zzzz for my general sanity, yet here we are at 3am watching another f**king episode of Paw Patrol. I hate Paw Patrol and I hate 3am.

The Crying Bouts
The crying. The heart hurting, endless crying on the day that seems to just never bloody end. Baby has been, fed, changed, enjoyed playtime, operation shove in the pram for some good old fresh air and hope it conks him out has been tried and failed, emergency cuddle supply has been activated, he's been plonked in a bath seeping with lavender it makes your eyes burn, fed again and still he cries. All the while, you want to weep out of pure frustration because you're out of options on how to console him now, you haven't eaten since that bite of toast at 4 am and coffee number - well, who knows you lost count after the eighth - is wearing off.

Being 3 Hours Late to Everything, All the Time
Being unable to ever get out the door on time because you can't even pee alone never mind shower without the wails of the baby screeching for your full attention in the other room. When you finally think you're set to go after a twenty-minute battle just to brush your teeth, you soon realize baby needs changed and then fed, and then changed again because they just sh*t through their nappy. Meaning you're always late, and always grumpy.

The Best Bits:

The limitless hours spent snuggling. The tiny little face nuzzled into you and the chunky arms wrapped around your neck and that sweet little dreaming face, peaceful in the safety of their Mummy's arms. The cuddles are the best.

The Smiles & Laughter
Our home is filled with giggles, smiles and laughter each and every day. Our baby just fills our lives with joy and warmth. There is no feeling quite like seeing your babies bright-eyed, grin when you first pop your head over their bed in the early hours of the morning. How excitable they are just to see your face as though you are about the best thing in the whole world. Or those little laughs. How they just make you feel all fuzzy and happy inside. Those explosive, infectious giggles of pure and utter happiness. Babies brighten up a home, and a heart. 

Watching Them Grow
Because even with all the sleepless nights, exploding nappy bombs, sick stained everything or the fact I can't get five minutes to pee in peace, I think about what it's all for. To watch him learn and grow. To five years time when I sit down for his first parents evening, or when he gets his heart broken for the first time, when he leaves home and has children of his own. From a tiny bean in my belly, to a father, a husband, a friend. So truly bittersweet to know how fleeting these moments of pure magic are but it is wonderful to be a part of his journey.

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