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Thank God For Coffee

Yesterday was one of those days. I don't know if Arthur was more fussy than usual or if I was just less patient. However, the fact I muttered 'for god sake,' under my breath at least a dozen odd times suggests I perhaps needed another hour in bed.

Arthur decided to delight me with a 3 am rise. Nothing could prepare my dwindling sanity for the 4574 viewing of yet another Paw Patrol episode and the inane theme tune I have drilled in my skull like a form of torture *eye twitches*.

Not only was Arthur painstakingly unable to appease,
he refused to nap any longer than a 20-minute interval and cried blue murder if I didn't hold him all day. 

I lost three precious coffees due to being left idle then going cold past the point of drinkable. My breakfast was a bag of popcorn I found in the cupboard from that time we were meant to do date night on a rare baby free occasion but just couldn't be arsed going out and stayed in binging Netflix and falling asleep by 10 pm (story of our lives). Thank God for coffee, that two sugared brew of creamy, Columbian caffeine that sustained me through until the delightful 6 pm bedtime.

Thankfully today has been a lot easier. Baby slept till 6 am which means I had an acceptable amount of sleep to power through without guzzling seven coffees by 9 am. Thanks to some good ol' beauty sleep, I actually breezed through the folding of the unfinished laundry I abandoned on the couch three days ago and mastered the mountain of sick-stained sleep-suits flung in the 'I'll do it tomorrow,' pile which is really the, 'neglect it until it becomes a hazard' pile.
Arthur is definitely happier and more settled, especially after a stroll around the block in the pram. 
It was a rough day yesterday that was filled with laughter, slobbery kisses and tiny baby feet today. All in all, it's a good little life I have here.

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