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The Name Game

Choosing a name for your baby..
Lemme tell you right now that EVERYONE will have something to say on it, no matter what you finally decide.

"You simply cannot call your baby that!", "No no, no, Susan's sisters daughter called her son Harry and he's the devil child." or "I really don't like that name! Besides, it reminds me of that  girl Lucy who hung around with Mike's brother and by God, she was insufferable!"

Any name you suggest, mention, think aloud will be too common, too unusual, too 'out' there or was also the name of somebody's dearly departed dog.
It is unlikely that you will even give one single hoo bloody ha or if you do, the perpetual nagging of differing viewpoints will eventually see you hum out the inane remarks.

We gritted our teeth through the scoffs, tuts and eye rolls. Politely smiled through the varying reactions and dumbfounded expressions when we revealed our favoured name.
It took us the entire nine months and an added two weeks before we finally set on a definite. We named our child based on what we fell in love with and what we felt fitted perfectly. 
And, wow, does the kid rock his name!!

If you want to go all out and call your child something unique and quirky like Apple or Apollo then go for it. Follow suit of the celebs like Kim K and Ashlee Simpson and brand them North West and Bronx Mowgli.
If you would prefer something simple like Ava or Olivia, James or John then that's smashing because it is what you like. Oh, and it's YOUR child.

Whether you choose a name based on likability, meaning or originality or because in the spur of that gruesome afterbirth and a little too much of that gas and air intoxication you conjured a name unheard of, be proud of your boldness, your daring to be different.

Especially in today's era where society embrace the alternative, diverse and original. Which I personally think is so much better than meeting another dude called Jack. Jack is an awesome name FYI so say YES to lots more Jacks. The point being, is that all names are admirable.

It's not the name that defines someone, but their own distinctiveness.

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