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5 Simple Things You Miss Post-Baby

I can say, without a doubt, that before you're a mum you do not realize how much we take for granted the simplest of things. Never would I have imagined just how much I'd treasure five minutes of pure silence, that peeing alone would feel like a luxury and eating a meal before it went cold, if at all would be the highlight of my day.

Here are the 5 things little things I miss more post baby:

#1 Sleep

The biggest obvious. The one piece of advice you will receive before your baby arrives is to sleep when baby sleeps. Which I used to think was fruitless advice. I know, in the early days, whenever I'd (finally) get the baby down for a nap, all that whizzed through my mind was the mountain of tasks piling up on my checklist; order the food shop; master my way through the assortment of sick covered baby grows flung in the 'I'll do it tomorrow' pile; sterilize bottles, put away washing; try and grab breakfast (it's 2 pm lets call it brunch); steal 10 minutes away to shower (much needed)... the list would drag on. I kept telling myself I could slot in some of the chores and then take a nap, but by the time I was done baby would wake and I would be exhausted.
I have been squeezing in naps whenever baby goes for a sleep or joined him at bed time for an early night. Now slipping into a simple hours slumber feels like heaven, going to bed at 7 pm on a Saturday night feels Rock and Roll and those damn dishes can wash themselves. 

#2 A Baby Free Day/Night

I think this is one those things we don't want to admit. Perhaps because we feel we would be judged? I miss being able to quickly run some errands without hoisting a weeks worth of stuff just to get out the front door (i.e bottles, formula, water, nappies, wipes, .... it's a long list). I miss spending a day on the couch doing absolutely nothing but pigging out and watching TV. I miss being able to read a book... and finish it before I forget what the hell it was I was reading in the first place. I miss the idea of being able to meet some friends down the pub on a Friday night without having to worry who would baby sit and how much I could drink knowing I would be up at least three times that night. I miss time for me and I hate that even on those rare baby free occasions, I spend the entire time thinking about my baby  and when I can finally collect him and feeling incredibly guilty for wanting a break to begin with.

#3 Netflix (and chill)

When I say chill, I mean chillll. There is honestly nothing I enjoy more once baby is bathed, fed and tucked up asleep for the night, than making a cup of tea, grabbing a blanket and lounging on the sofa  all snug, binging my half finished Netflix shows. i.e. that episode of Friends I was only 23 minutes through last December but the baby wouldn't settle so I paused it with the idea I would continue later but three months on and I still can never get the time... or peace.

#4 Other Adults

As wonderful as motherhood is, it's hard not to feel alone when your only company is a little miniature tot. It's natural to crave the company of someone... okay anyone. We spend all day looking after our little ones, attending to their needs, feeding them, changing them, cuddling them. It can all feel a little repetitive and a little lonely. They love us unconditionally but can't ask us how our day is going and some days as a mum can be so hard and all you really need is someone to talk too.
Hanging around with another mum, friend, co worker... anyone, feels like such a relief. Meeting someone for a coffee makes you want to jump for joy, a phone call from a friend makes you smile... For Christ sake, the phone company could call and you'd manage to steal a forty-five minute conversation out of them.
Positive people who can keep your spirits lifted through the tough times are the people you need to surround yourself around. It's so important for us mums/parents to not seclude ourselves.

#5 - A shower (in peace)

Gone are the days where I spent a limitless amount of time relaxing in the shower.
The PRIVILEGE I used to have at getting to shave my legs until they were silky smooth and the complete burden it is now.
Conditioning my hair, applying a face mask, ooh even some body lotion afterwards!
Now it's hurriedly attempting to shave the neglected, spiky legs whilst trying to entertain my bored and crying child as he throws his toys across the bathroom and demands my full, undivided attention.
It's a super quick dollop of shampoo rubbed through the tangled, sick smeared hair and a quick but, usually not a full, rinse out. A nice smelling body lotion is replaced with a cheap shop bought body spray that reeks of about 5 overpowering fragrances. Showering on my own is not an option for the next 5 years and dry shampoo is my new best friend.

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