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The Little Prince

The past few days have been draining, lonely and a little overwhelming. It can be hard not to sink into the swamp of chaos.
It was when I was lying in bed, unable to silence the city of people in my head. I lay watching my son sound asleep beside me and suddenly, it was as though all the noise became a distant hum in the background. 
I thought of all the small things that make one day so big. The simple things I am so grateful for. 
My little Prince.

I love that little laugh he bellows, the infectious grin spread across his face that could light up an entire room.
His tiny fingers that map my face and pinch my nose.

Waking up each morning to find him snuggled in beside me, sleeping soundly and my heart swelling with love.
The sweetest baby chatter that sings through our home each and every day. His hilarious expressions and those big hazel eyes that follow me wherever I go.
I love how his little brows furrow together when he concentrates and watching him learn and discover about the world around him. I adore watching him blossom into the little man he is becoming.

I often find myself swallowed up in wistful reverie. Solitary confinement of the mind. I have been so consumed by the whirlwind of despondency, gloom, and apprehension and there are times I have felt just so heavyhearted. It's effortless to be absorbed within it and swim in the sorrow.

He steers me out of there and brightens those dark corners. Makes me laugh every day, no matter how I'm feeling. The reason I can (reluctantly, at times) drag myself out of bed on those mornings I'd really rather hide in my duvet fort. 
I realized that I just need to take a minute and focus on what is right in front of me.
Beaming in all his adorableness.
My little A. My little miracle.
My little Prince.

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