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365 Days later - Arthur is 1!

Well here we are, 365 days on. My little 8lb 13oz bundle of pure sweetness turned 1 year old yesterday. When and how did that happen?

It's been one heck of a year.
I have gone from partner to single mum. From having everything I wanted to losing it all with the snap of a finger. I have sank lower than I thought I could go but at the other side, worked my ass off to build us a new home and raised a marvelous little boy.

I really didn't anticipate just how much of a challenge motherhood would be. People would always insist it's the hardest but most rewarding thing you'll ever do and I never really understood. Until now.
There have been days where I have felt so elated with how unbelievably blessed I am, to days where I have felt overwhelmed in the struggle.
Days that I've prayed for nothing more than to run away and days that I wished would just never end. Times I have felt like I was born to be a mother, that this is what it had all been for and times where I just didn't think I'm quite cut out for this parenting malarkey.

But it has been a delight.
Soaking up every moment of that newborn craze. That hazy first few days where nothing felt real but everything felt right. Bursting with euphoria of a love you never knew existed.
I have adored watching him grow from the guzzling, cooing little baby to the fine, exuberant little character he proclaims on full show. Watching him learn and adapt to his world around him. His first babbles and his first steps. It has all been an utter joy.

While it's not been easy, and certainly not the way I had imagined, it has been the best, most phenomenal year of my life. He has humbled me in more than I thought possible. I can't wait for our next adventure Artichoke!

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