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"It's just a phase," ... "F@#* off!!"

Does anyone else feel their eye twitch when someone tries to comfort you with the tedious, "It's just a little phase they're going through," bollocks?
"What a lot of sh#t!!" (disgruntled me 2017-present.)

I was offered the truly uncomforting, "It's just a phase," wisdom in the early months of Arthur's colic/reflux hell, in the midst of his teething fiasco,and in his current sticks to me like glue calamity otherwise known as separation anxiety.

I find myself begging my health visitor, his doctor, my family and every google search engine for some form of quick fix or solution when each chapter greets me. I need answers not a weary shrug and a "It will get better."

I've wanted to knock someone in the teeth every time I've been assured on parenting forums or from a fellow mum or someone on bloody Facebook who has answered with the default, highly unhelpful, "It's just a phase," response.
"If you just give it some time.".. "Oh fuck off, I have. It's been five months! IT'S. NOT. GETTING ANY BETTER!" (My hasty reaction even with the evident knowledge that these things have no time limit. Hence, the utter distress.)

I think it's merely suggested as a comfort in these wonderful* (shit*) stages to provide some sort of feeble, half helpful reassurance that it won't really last forever. To shine a little beacon of promise in your discontented and zombified state that it will get easier. In the hurricane of inconsolable screeching and three hours of [broken] sleep, that it really, most likely, without a damn doubt, probably,

is just a phase.
Damn bloody phases.

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