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5 Reasons to Let Go

Letting go. Does that sound simple? Or is it feeling almost impossible? Did the love of your life crush your heart? Are you consumed with bitterness, clinging to anger for a past time that cannot be changed? Are you struggling to accept what is? Do you spend every night re living the past? Is it replaying in your head to the point of madness? Are you riddled with regret? 

No amount of overthinking, yearning or wishing can change the past. Harbouring resentment will not change the actions of another. 

Pain, betrayal, disappointment, loss, making mistakes... as anguishing as they can be, they are, ultimately, unavoidable. They are a part of life.

People will crush the heart you so delicately gave them. Trust will be betrayed. How you imagined something to work out, will not always be how you so desired. You cannot control others, you can't force what just isn't meant to be. 
However, it's how you chose to move on from it, how you decide to let it affect you that matters. What you chose to learn from that affliction. 
Learning to accept what you can't control is crucial. 

Here are 5 important reasons why letting go is vital for your own well-being: 

It's only hurting you 
Really, it is. You might think choosing to loosen the grip on the anger that you feel so deeply towards someone or something is to simply be accepting of how you were treated. That you easily allowed hurt. 
I think we cling onto the pain as a reminder. As if we need to hold onto the heartbreak or the frustration to remember it did impact us. 
But learning to accept what happened. How it made you feel. And learning to move past it, will give you the peace you need, and deserve. 

You owe it to yourself 
You don't wish to remain wallowing in a dreary cave of despair. You don't want to spend your days submerged in sadness. You owe it to you! To find peace, to feel happier. To fixate on what's ahead instead of dragging around what's gone.  

Some things just aren't meant 
Hard to accept, painful to realise. Acknowledge that some experiences, some people, are not meant to have a permanent place in your life. It can be difficult and harrowing to process this but, when you do, you will feel a weight lift. Appreciate it for what is was. That perhaps, it was meant to simply to teach or help you grow. That the loss is making room for something better.  

You need to move on 
Moving forward is never easy but it is the most beneficial thing you will do for yourself. Spending your time conjuring the past does nothing but cause the hurt to linger. 
Stop disturbing your peace. Make room for new beginnings. Time will continue to tick past, fleetingly, don't waste that time longing instead of living. 

You'll be happier 
Once you finally accept what has happened and focus on looking to the future, you'll find yourself feeling a lot happier. 
Learn to forgive, focus on the situation in a different perspective. Look at the experience in as positive a way as possible. 
Practice kindness instead of oozing hate. Focus on the future instead of wallowing inside a dead past. Accept what you can't control. 
Feel the pain you need to feel in order to heal, let it hurt and then let it go. 

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