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A-Z of Parenting Challenge

This is my favourite challenge yet! I was nominated by Stephen over at Yule Times for the A-Z  of parenting. The challenge is to use all 26 letters of the alphabet to describe what parenting is to us, in a nutshell!


  • Tag the blogger that nominated you
  • Use a word starting with all 26 letters of the alphabet to describe what parenting is like for you
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers to complete the challenge next
  • Have fun doing it!

A is for Advice

Advice! You'll be dozed with a lot of it, that's for damn sure. Some helpful, some not so much, but most probably unsought.
It can be easy to get caught up in all the varying opinions of other people who all seem to know best for your baby. My best advice, take it all on the chin and just trust yourself.

B is for Boring

I'll be sincerely unapologetic, this motherhood business... it's really damn boring at times* (most of the time*) .
Oops, did I just write that out loud?
Well, there's no bullshit on this blog. Really, it's so bloody mundane. It's the constant, inane ritual of, eat (the toddler not me), (no) sleep, nappy changes, repeat. With a whole lot of formulated tantrums thrown right in the mix!

C is for Challenging

It goes without saying that parenting is challenging (and that's putting it lightly!) Embracing my role of 'Mummy', I am constantly facing new challenges, some which have been overwhelming, some scary and others, just completely exhausting.

D is for Doubt

I think its only natural that we feel a little diffident in our new established role as parents. Endlessly, we are comparing ourselves to other parents and second guessing our every decisions.

I've been plagued with self doubt since I became a mother and I'm known for criticizing myself, maybe just a little too much.
I do believe, that doubting our capability as parents only reinforces our desire to wish to do the very best we possibly can to ensure our kids thrive.

E is for Example

Setting an example for my son, raising him to reach his fullest potential and to be happy in himself in whatever paths he chooses in his lifetime, is all I can ever hope for.

F is for First Steps

Who could forget those first little shaky steps? Watching your baby stumble toward you filled with excitement knowing they are about to go on a whole new adventure. What a heart bursting feeling!

G is for Guilt

That pesky mum guilt, we're all infected with it! "I'm a bad mum for taking the long route home to avoid the bedtime battle!" or, "I'm a horrible parent for sending the kids to Grans house because I just need a break!" Being a parent is non stop! We beat ourselves up for being human! We're all doing the best we can, and sometimes, 'that'll do' is all you can give.

H is for Hugs

Those 'new baby' smell infused cuddles. Or cuddles from your baby at any age! What can really beat them, right?

I is for Identity

Something I've struggled with - a sense of loss. A feeling like I don't quite know who 'Taylor' is anymore. I'm now just "Ma" or "Mama" or "My mum". I adore it, truly I do, but I do miss my old self and would like to find her again.

 J is for Judged

In today's society, with social media filtering and controlling our every behaviour, with our lives being lived to update a different app, it's near enough impossible to not feel judged or ridiculed in the choices we make as parents. Judged for how we choose to feed our babies, how we raise them, what we dress them in, everything is put on display for an audience of unnecessary opinions and it's difficult to not feel a little beaten by it all.

K is for Kegals

Kegals, those little pelvic floor exercises we are advised to do throughout and after pregnancy to prevent the whole, 'peeing when I laugh' fiasco. Hail, hail kegals!

L is for Lonely

I found my experience of motherhood the most indescribable ecstasy roller-coaster ride! It's been overwhelming and wonderful and full of love and awe, but it's also been the loneliest I have ever felt. How strange to feel so alone when your entire time is occupied by another tiny person!

M is for Mum

"Mummy, mama, MA" Nothing makes your heart swell more than your baby calling out for his favourite person in the entire world!

N is for Night Feeds

I'm (thankfully) now recently passed the dragging hours of the soul devouring night feeds. The cluster feeding every twenty minutes or so, the nappy explosions at 3am, the buttoning of those damn baby grows in the dark... it's all very exhausting. 
You know when you smack the pillow and groan, "it's your turn tonight" and then whimper aloud because it's just you? and up we go for the 3rd time...

O is for Overwhelming

Overwhelming! It can be incredibly overwhelming at times. So much so, where I feel utterly defeated and question if I'm even fit for the job. The sleep deprivation, the loneliness, the everyday challenges, this big alteration to life before, it's all constant and a bit of a smack in the face!

P is for Pressure

There is so much pressure on Mums. First or third time around. The pressure I have felt to prove I'm a good enough mum is exhausting. I feel like we're all trying to do the best we can and no one should be critical of how we choose to raise our children.

Q is for Questions

Arthur is only just finding his voice but now that he's found it, he sings baby chatter each and every day. I know when he's old enough, he will be filled with so many questions about life and the world around him and I can't wait for all the conversations we will have together. 

R is for Routine

Establishing a routine is the key to an easy(ER) parenting life. I have only just started getting settled into a concrete one (a year and a half later), thanks to awesome support, but the difference I have noticed in Arthur and myself has been great. My challenge has been the bedtime battle. I've struggled to get Arthur down at night at a reasonable time, with ease and in his own bed.
It has taken A LOT of perseverance, patience and determination but slow and steady wins the race! 

S is for Sick Days

Sick days! What sick days? Mums don't get holidays, or paid days off... it's a never ending job!

T is for Time Out

Time Out has been a godsend for me recently. We're reaching the 'terrible two' stage and it's been testing, for sure. It wasn't something I thought I'd use as a tactic, especially so early on but with the tantrums that have been erupting from my toddler a little time out has been effective to calm us both down!

U is for Underestimated

I truly did underestimate just how overwhelming yet so rewarding this new life would be. I did not anticipate the whirlwind of emotions and obstacles I would face but, I also underestimated myself! I haven't given myself enough credit for everything I have endured and overcome in the last year alone. I underestimated how strong I could really be. I underestimated how good a job I was really doing. I underestimated my own ability and my own worth as a mother, and, as a person.

V is for Vag

What a tremendous bloody thing, enduring childbirth like its a walk in the park. Us women are made of strong stuff! 

W is for Winging It

Because we're all just winging it really, aren't we? No 'How to Boss Parenting' was delivered with my 9lb sweet angel.

X is for e(X)hausting

EXHAUSTED! Parenthood in a nutshell. I'm. So. Bloody. Exhausted!

Y is for Young Mum

I'm a young mum and I'm plagued with all the stereotypes that follow with it. Incapable, useless, 'kids having kids'. My capability of being a good mother is automatically scored by my age, by my image, my apparent child like features. It's been draining feeling like I have something to prove to people who probably don't even have any right to sneer judgement to begin with.

Z is for Zzzzzz

You know when you squeeze in that blissful power nap when the baby sleeps? Nah, me either. There's a mountain of laundry that's made a home on my kitchen floor that needs attending too, oh and the babies up anyway!


  1. Really enjoyed your answers! Very honest too which is different to read. Thanks for taking part!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed taking part!


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