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Young, Dumb, First-Time Mum: My Novella out now!

So, I've been absent on the blog and this is why - I wrote a book! I've been documenting my parenting journey over the last two years on the blog and finally decided to compile it together into a short novella. I took the leap and published it with Amazon.

Young, Dumb, First-Time Mum is my short novella where I share my uncensored views and experiences as a first-time mum. From labour to colic, separation to mental health, I wanted to write an honest account of motherhood and to break this unfeasible expectation placed on parents to do everything so perfectly. I wanted to assure other mums that they're not as alone as they feel, they're not failing and not to be so hard on themselves. 

You can order Young, Dumb, First-Time Mum on paperback for £3.99 or click here for the Kindle version for just £1.99!

I hope you enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for book no.2! The second novella in my parenting trilogy woes.


  1. Omg this is amazing well done. I'll defo be ordering this x


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