First time mum/referee/ sleeve snot wiper to a wild toddler. Designated household bum changer. Blogging about this motherhood malarkey from a refreshingly honest and unfiltered perspective.

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I'm Taylor, I'm 22 and I live in Glasgow with my little boy, Art otherwise known as, "King" Arthur.
I'm exceptionally ordinary and actually, rather uninteresting; tattoo obsessed, a professional at procrastinating, well-known people pleaser and partial to a good Kracken rum (or two!)

When I first started this blog, I wasn't intending for it to become what it now is. I didn't anticipate motherhood to be as hard hitting as I came to find it; I felt painfully overwhelmed, exhausted and so alone. 
As a way of attempting to make sense of it all, to work out the chaos in my head, I began spilling my feelings on here in the open, a little online diary where they would float, abandoned and unnoticed.

Writing is always how I've made sense of things in my life, I couldn't live without it. I had always wanted to be a writer, and creating Mums the Word fueled that passion, that niggle to scribble ideas, snap moments in words, that I thought had long died.

The more I poured out my thoughts, sharing them with other like minded people, the lighter I started to feel, like a weight was slowly lifting.
It also gave me something for me. Being a mum, it's hard to feel like anything other than just that and the blog gave me a sense of feeling like my old self again, to my relief.

When I decided to really make a proper go of the blog, the main aspiration was to just be honest, be true to myself. No sugar coated bullshit, no pretense or glamourized nonsense, no hushed feelings or holding back, just pure and utter, give it to you straight, REAL talk.

I wanted people to read something that resonated with them, that made them feel a little less alone, a lot more, "So it's not just me that feels like that then, thank f*ck."
That was so important to me. Parenthood, for me, in the beginning, was a lonely and somewhat, daunting experience, and I questioned how many other mothers felt the exact same way with the presumption that they were alone in these feelings. I wanted to share my own side and to let people know that it's okay to find it a bit shit at times, it's okay to not have it altogether, and it's certainly okay to feel like you miss your old life.

There's no manual for parenting, no three minute 'How To Fucking Boss It' tutorial on YouTube. All of us are purely winging it, trying to figure the shit show out as we go and occasionally fucking up along the way. 
But, you're doing an incredible job, your child(ren) are a testimony to that. 
So, keep smiling, keep going and when the going gets tough, send the kids to Grandmas!

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